Itchy Scalp

Aaliyah is a 38 year old woman who gets glue-in synthetic hair extensions every six weeks. Synthetic extensions cannot be shampooed and are instantly ruined if they are cleaned in any way. This results in a dry, itchy scalp.

She is frustrated by an itchy scalp that starts a few days after her stylist appointment and is embarrassed by the rude looks she gets from coworkers when she scratches her scalp throughout the day. Coconut oil and Shea butter help a little bit. These itchy scalp home remedies are only minimally effective. She has not yet found the perfect itchy scalp treatment.

Her consult question is “what is the best itchy scalp treatment?”

Her friend tells her about My Skin of Color, which addresses her concern of dry, itchy scalp in a non-judgmental, sensitive way. After a discussion of her hair styling practices and reviewing causes of itchy scalp, her provider has the perfect treatment plan. She is prescribed a shampoo for itchy scalp and a leave in oil. These give her tremendous itchy scalp relief and allow her to style her hair the way she wants.

She was really concerned about itchy scalp and hair loss, which is greatly improved a few months after starting treatment.