Beauty in EVERY SHADE.

My Skin of Color is a first of its kind, telehealth platform designed to treat skin issues unique to skin of color individuals. Pigmentation, acne, hair, and scalp problems present differently in people of color, and you deserve a dermatology provider who specifically treats these issues.


Learn about Skin of Color and the Conditions we treat. If you like what we’re doing and want to try us out, submit a free, confidential, absolutely no commitment inquiry form under Getting Started. Your case will be reviewed by a skin of color expert under the supervision of a dermatologist, and if you are eligible, may give you a diagnosis and prescribe medications that can help your skin.


Great skin shouldn’t break the bank. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to see how you can get prescription strength skin treatments for less than what you pay for coffee every month, even if you do not have insurance. 


with your
needs in mind.

Skin disease is color blind. However, certain conditions affect people with skin of color more frequently and more severely. Many dermatology providers do not feel comfortable handling these issues. At My Skin of Color, we understand that more richly pigmented individuals face unique skin care challenges. We believe that therapies for acne, pigmentation, scalp and hair problems need to be individualized for your specific needs.


My Skin of Color will work with you towards your personalized skincare goals. We value privacy, sensitivity, convenience, and affordability above all. Great skin isn’t a luxury item. It’s for everyone. Let’s find your shade of beautiful.

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Your skin
the best.


Choose a skin of color expert. It seems like every day there is a new online health service offering to treat everything from asthma to yeast infections. We are skin and hair experts and our passion is skin of color. It’s all we do and we love it.


We are totally
transparent about our pricing.
No gimmicks. No up-selling.


Our goal is to increase access to dermatologic care among people who have been traditionally left out. That’s why you will pay a flat $69 for your consultation and initial prescription. Followups and refills are $39. And you won’t pay a dime unless we can help you.

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Skin of color
is special.
We get that.


We are judged on our skin everyday, whether we like it or not. It is so much more than just cosmetics; it is how the world perceives us. At My Skin of Color, we understand the immense trust that comes with choosing us. We don’t take it lightly.