The United States is quickly becoming a country in which the majority of people no longer have white skin, but rather have pigmented skin, which is also referred to as skin of color. People with skin of color are of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, and include African Americans, Asians, Hispanics or Latinos, Native Indians and Pacific Islanders primarily, as well as individuals from mixed backgrounds.

Skin of color is different from white skin in important ways. For example, dark spots are much more common in pigmented skin. They can be a response to razor bumps, a sunburn, an allergic reaction to cosmetics, or anything that causes damage or irritation to the skin. Similarly, acne looks and heals differently in skin of color compared to white skin and is more likely to scar or have pigmentation problems. Another example is afro-textured hair. More common in African Americans and Afro Caribbeans, it is at higher risk for common problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, and razor bumps because of its unique features.

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