Razor Bumps

Jevonte is a 27 year old man who is frustrated by razor bumps. They are painful, frequently heal with dark spots, and once or twice a year he will get a skin infection that needs to be treated with antibiotics. He has tried many over the counter razor bump treatments, but without success. Over the counter hydrocortisone cream for razor bumps has helped a little bit, but never fixes the problem. He recently started his dream job at a financial services firm, where grooming standards necessitate that he be cleanly shaven.

His consult request is “How to get rid of razor bumps?”.

After reviewing his case, a provider prescribes a treatment regimen that decreases his risk of infection and softens the skin, reducing the number of razor bumps on face.

Three months later, he is much improved, but is still bothered by dark spots. He checks in with the medical team, who treat him with a potent fade cream under close supervision. He is very happy with the results and even refers his sister who has a lot of razor bumps on her legs.