What is photoaging? 

Photoaging is the process by which long term exposure to the sun causes changes over time. Although all skin types are  susceptible to photoaging, increased melanin (pigment) in darker skin types are protective against some of the sun’s harmful, long term effects. Common features of photoaging include fine wrinkles, dark spots, and textural changes. Deeper wrinkles and loss of volume are not related to the sun and have more to do with genetics (intrinsic aging). Darker skin types tend to form wrinkles later but have more hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone earlier. These changes are usually first noticeable in a patient’s thirties and increase every decade afterwards. 


Can photoaging be treated?

Absolutely! Obviously, the most important aspect of treatment is prevention. This can include a daily moisturizing sunscreen with SPF, a wide brimmed hat, sun protective clothing, and avoiding the sun during peak hours (usually 10AM-4PM). Your My Skin of Color Provider may also recommend a daily, prescription strength retinol medication which has been scientifically proven to slow down and reverse many of the signs of photoaging including hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, and fine lines. Click below to have your free photoaging consultation!