What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a long term condition that presents most commonly with facial redness and increased sensitivity. Other features can include red bumps, pus bumps, large pores, or red, irritated eyes. Rosacea can be a difficult diagnosis in skin of color because the redness may not be as obvious as in white skin. Some clues to the diagnosis in pigmented skin include a persistently warm or tight feeling of the central face, acne-like breakouts that won’t go away with traditional acne treatments, facial itching, burning or stinging when applying facial products, increased sensitivity, and itchy, irritated eyes. These symptoms may get worse with particular activities such as alcohol, sunlight, wind, heat, spicy foods, hot beverages, stress, or exercise.


How does My Skin of Color treat Rosacea?

Your My Skin of Color provider will learn about your specific rosacea triggers and features and may prescribe treatments that can reduce or eliminate the symptoms. No two patients are the same, and finding a regimen that works for your skin type requires a partnership between you and your provider. Click below to start your rosacea consultation today!